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Here you will find complete details of the services that are provided by JNT Services for the Electrical Construction industry Drawing Design and Drafting. The activities undertaken and the obligations towards the stakeholders involved with our work are presented below. Please check the contact page for information to reach us for a free quote of your drafting requirements or discuss how we can help you.

Quoted Project work

Based on your Project drawing complexity, number of drawings and our DA (Drafting Analysis) personnel examination we can prepare a quote for your entire project within the hour. Drawings of all nature and purposes - Construction, Tender, Shop Drawing, Comissioning, As Built, Information, Design etc are dealt by us with ease and proficiency.


In order for us to gauge your project, please forward us pdfs and / or dwg files of your project along with the project details. Alternatively meet with us to talk about your work and pass any hardcopy drawings to work on.


After quote submission and approval, we work on your project and provide you completed drawings in hardcopy or softcopy based on our quotation, delivered to your office.


All correction works on our submitted drawings are free based on DA personnel upto the third revision.


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AutoCAD operator hourly

We can provide you AutoCAD operator(s) for your work based on your requirement at your office for a very economical hourly rate.


Use this facility for your multiple project requirements and ad hoc or miscellaneous drawing services.


All our Operators are insured and have no obligations attached.


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Update, Revision & Cleanup

All update, revision and clean up services on drawings are handled by us on approval of a submitted quotation. Please contact us with the details of your drawings, for a free quote.


We collect Marked-Up Drawings from your office and can provide you revised drawings in the hardcopy or softcopy, delivered to your office.


We provide a very cost effective Clean Up of all Architecture drawings for your various construction services.


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Free update and revision on projects we worked on for upto 3 revisions.

AutoCAD Tutorial

We offer a quick and effective training session in the AutoCAD software for Managers, Engineers and Technicians.


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