How we differ!

Design of Electrical Systems

As mentioned in the previous pages, our work involves meticulous design and Australian standard good work principles for the best drafting solution available in the market. The Engineering Design core of the drawing creation process that every project we take up undergoes, are directly or have close supervisory involvement of professional electrical, mechanical or civil engineers for the expert and industry standard production of the engineering drawings. Strict adherence to existing Australian Wiring and Building standards are maintained in our drawing processes. Our engineers are professional graded with numerous years of experience in the Building Services and Construction industry.

Among the numerous service providers in the construction industry for Drawing and Drafting work, our methods and philosophies are superior in not only the professionalism and work ethic that JNT Drafting and Electrical Services bring to each and every project we undertake, but also in outstanding aspects as noted below.

 An Experienced Back-End team for Large Workflow

During times of heavy influx of work, we have in place arrangements for outsourcing all design and drafting production to overseas offices in India. Even when large project with close deadlines need to be completed for our Clients, we can enable Drawings to be timely and correctly submitted - all with the high grade quality and professional workmanship provided by JNT Services. In such scenarios every drawing leaving the JNT drafting team are certified and Quality Assured as meeting Australian standards by our office in Australia.

Unbeatable and Challenging prices

The economical and customer oriented pricing system we follow will never allow overcharged or intolerable rates for our services, but will continue to remain unbeatable and challenging. The different modes of our services with their payment systems are designed to alleviate the drawing cost factor on the construction activity for the client. As mentioned previously we provide quoted works for the comprehensive project jobs, hourly services for varied drawing requirements, discounts on multiple project involvements, free services for worked on drawings and the further discounts for first time Clients. After the span of each job with us, Customers and Clients will know the difference of employing JNT Services for their Engineering Drawing needs.

Varied Services under the One JNT roof

The multiple services that can be availed from us are described in quick detail in the following WORDS. We cover a number of industries that can be utilized for varied industrial benefits. This includes the Building Services Industry, Electrical – Mechanical – Civil Engineering Drawing, Contour Drawing, Electrical Maintenance, Electrical Installations, Control System, Water and Wastewater industry and SCADA systems. We can supply numerous services to your engineering activity at matchless and never-seen-before prices.

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