Design and Drafting at JNT services
The essence of the construction industry - 'DRAWINGS' are the centrepiece of what we do. Through the many years of experience in design and drafting we have cemented a thorough understanding of the contruction drawing. Using our dedicated expertise in the AutoCAD Design software we roll out one layout after another in the sheet and size the customer requires. Be it Lighting, Power, Fire, Security, Earthing or Single Line Drawings, HVAC, Plumbing, Civil, Structure - you name it we can design and draft it.

We can draw for you from our office based on our quoted price for your project. Alternatively we can supply proficient AutoCAD operators to work for you at your facilities on a very economic hourly rate.


In the Electrical drawing services we offer, all design and drafting is a part of each and every drawing that we undertake. At the same time we offer all other types of drafting services like drawing revision, design and drawing cleanup.


At JNT Electrical Services we’re passionate about making you the right drawing for your construction activity.


We also provide a quick AutoCAD training for Engineers, Managers and Technicians on the versatility and usefulness of the drawing software.


The breakdown of our drafting work and further services are  provided in the services and miscellaneous page.

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